Model and Fashion: Oskar Prasser
Photography: Pauline Prasser
Functional minimalism - As mentioned in the title, this look is all about the combination of functional and minimalistic design. The goal was to achieve all the functions necessary for the hiking storyline, while keeping it as elegant and simple as possible. This look is considered as an outfit for many occasions, for this reason, a non-typical outdoor styling was fundamental. This solution functions as a transformable hiking and swimming outfit, suitable for the required outdoor activities. Non-visible functions, like for example, ventilating specific areas using mesh fabric and hidden pockets, underline the minimalistic but functional design approach. Due to the storyline , different fabrics for different uses were necessary
- light linen for better air circulation and resistant polyamid with a quick-dry effect, just to name a few. The aesthetic is inspired by Italian culture and styling, featuring oversized silhouettes mixed with simple lines. This outfit includes a      button-up shirt, swim shorts with attachable, flared cut legs, a matching belt with a detachable, waterproof pouch and a hobo bag style inspired shoulder bag with exterior pockets.

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